2018 Annual Meeting

On Monday, June 18th, Wings for Falmouth Families hosted their Annual Meeting. 2017 was a record year for us, we awarded over $34,000 to local families who had gone through a medical crisis/tragic event. We also moved our assets over to a more conservative platform, created an Outreach Committee that focuses on getting our name out to schools, medical practices, etc. and partnering with our community by having a presence every month. We also said goodbye to Debra Riccio Levy, who has served on our Board of Directors for 6 years (as Vice President and Secretary). We’re excited to welcome back Jessica Culley-Kozens to our Board! We are looking forward to the rest of 2018; there are some amazing things coming up!

Thank you for supporting us over the past 15 years…we wouldn’t be where we are without YOU!