Waquoit Congregational Church Annual Bazaar

Beth Bagley (Waquoit Congregational Church), Kristin Shearer (President, Wings for Falmouth Families), Brian Keefe (Wings for Falmouth Families), Diane Shaw (Waquoit Congregational Church)

The Biggest Yard Sale in Waquoit does more to help Falmouth families than just finding new homes for unused stuff.

For the past several years, Waquoit Congregational Church has hosted their Annual Church Bazaar as a way to connect the community, and this year was by far the biggest yet. After several months of collecting donated items and countless hours of volunteer time, many Falmouth homes were relieved of their unused items and the Church parking lot was overflowing with great bargains. While preparing for this 2018 Bazaar, the Church had an inspiration that would enable eager shoppers exclusive early access, while also helping a local charity.

This year, Wings for Falmouth Families was selected as the beneficiary for the $10 fees collected from these “early birds”. So on Thursday July 12th 2018, the Waquoit Congregational Church opened their Annual Bazaar a day early, raising a total of $1,700.

Wings, and the families we support, are very grateful for to the be the beneficiary for this creative fundraising effort.