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About Wings for Falmouth Families

Wings for Falmouth Families, Inc., established in 2003 by Lisa and Eric Asendorf, is a community-based 501(c)(3). The charity provides local families financial assistance when they are experiencing a medical crisis. While medical costs may be covered by insurance, spousal loss of work, childcare and housing expenses, to name a few, add up to an enormous burden.


local families with minor children an immediate safety net of financial assistance during a time of medical crisis.

parents to focus on their number one priority – the person who has just become ill, and not worry about how to pay the monthly bills.

a family during a devastating time by showing them their community cares.

Since 2003, Wings for Falmouth Families has shown comfort to many families during a devastating time by showing them that the Falmouth community cares.


Amber Bailey


Through donor gifts, fundraising initiatives and corporate sponsorship, Wings For Falmouth Families is able to provide an immediate safety net of financial aid so that a family can focus on their number one priority – the parent or child who has just become ill or who is experiencing a tragic event.

Wings for Falmouth Families started in September of 2003 because of the unfortunate and devastating journey of one local family: the Sweeny/Bailey family. Two years prior, one of their four children, Amber was diagnosed with Leukemia at 10 years old. Because there was no cancer treatment facility in Falmouth or Cape Cod, the family’s life was transported to Boston where Amber received all of her care.

Although Amber maintained her infectious, fun-loving spirit throughout her battle, it was an extremely difficult time for her family. The father stayed in Falmouth to continue working, taking care of the other three children and maintaining some sort of normalcy.

Because Eric and Lisa Asendorf’s daughters were close with the Bailey children, they saw some of the challenges and effects this diagnosis had on Amber, the family and their lives. The question kept coming up, why wasn’t there a local fund that could help families when someone is battling for their life? Then one day, they looked at each other and said, “let’s do it ourselves!” Even though they had no idea what to do or where to start, they were determined to create something that could show families their community cares, both financially and emotionally.

Amber fought valiantly for over a year, and seven months after her death, Wings for Falmouth Families was created. For over 15 years, Wings for Falmouth Families has honored Amber Lea Bailey by helping over 85 families and providing over $260,000.


“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.”

Only through donor support are we able to help local families who are experiencing a medical crisis.