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“One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others.”

Has your family recently experienced a medical crisis?
Wings for Falmouth Families may be able to help.

Family Testimonials

As an organization, we don’t publicize who and how we help. It’s not to say we aren’t doing anything, we just value a family’s privacy. But then there are times where families want us to share how we’ve assisted them.

Family testimonials are a simple yet powerful way we know Wings for Falmouth Families is making an impact in the community. Hear what our families have to say!

Testimonial Steele

Steele Family, Falmouth, MA

“Four years ago I was diagnosed that my previous breast cancer had metastasized to my bones. I’m a single parent and found myself sleeping all the time, was in so much pain, chemo treatments were exhausting and made it impossible to work. I had little money coming in for my daughter and I to live on and had a hard time asking for help. Finally, desperate I looked up Wings for Falmouth Families and applied. Within 24 hours, someone called me back.

I cannot express how kind this organization is. They just kept telling me not to worry. They have helped me out in a time where I was hopeless. Thank God for this group and how giving they are.”

Testimonial Valez Family

Valez Family, Falmouth, MA

“After trying so hard to make our lives great for our children, everything was good and life seemed okay. Then our one-year-old son was diagnosed with brain cancer which then spread to his spine. Life was put on hold for us and time felt like an uncontrollable spin that we could not control. We thought about what we would do about our future, our home and my job. Reaching out to Wings for Falmouth Families was a big step for us. We didn’t know such caring and giving people were out there. After receiving support, the spinning seemed to slow down and the stress was lifting. Wings brought hope and light into a family going through some of the darkest times. Words are not enough to explain the weight that was lifted. Thank you a thousand times over.”

Testimonial Gardener Family

Gardener Family, Falmouth, MA

“Wings for Falmouth Families was very kind and very understanding. It was a miracle. They helped at a time when I needed help so desperately. I didn’t think those kind of people were out there anymore. It is just not like that in the world, but I have told everyone what they’ve done for us. These people were so amazing.”

“Thank you so much! As a hardworking, single mom from Falmouth, you are not sure when a tragedy will happen. I never thought I would have to leave a domestic violence situation. Wings was there to help me and allow me to stay independent in a safe environment.”

– Falmouth Resident, Falmouth, MA

Testimonial Immelt-Whelden

Immelt-Whelden Family, E. Falmouth, MA

“I had just lost my job due to a knee injury, couldn’t walk or drive and had a toddler at home who needed my attention. Overwhelmed, tired and trying to figure out what was wrong with my leg and if I needed surgery, I was desperate to keep food on the table, the heat and electricity on and a roof over our heads in midwinter.

Wings of Falmouth came down like an angel and helped me literally get back on my feet again. The care and love they gave my family was heartwarming, reassuring and above and beyond what I ever dreamed of or expected. I have always been the person who stepped up and helped others in their time of need. But for someone to do that for me? Thank God for Wings; without their financial and emotional support, I would never have been able to fully focus on my complete recovery from a serious injury. Now I’m back to work and once again able to provide for my family. Thank you, Wings!”

Testimonial Chapman

Chapman Family, E. Falmouth, MA

“Last year started out wonderfully. I had a new job, we were doing well at home and everyone was healthy and happy, until one of us wasn’t. I had pain everywhere that I couldn’t explain. There were days when I couldn’t get out of bed. I was starting to not make it through an 8 hour day at work. Since this was a new job I was not protected by FMLA or any type of disability. My symptoms worsened, I missed more and more work…then was out of work entirely. My husband and I panicked. How were we to pay the bills and keep the cars and pay the mortgage if I couldn’t work? After I ended up in Intensive Care, I was diagnosed with Pneumonia, Sepsis and Lyme’s Disease. We were at a loss and I was still in a lot of pain. I learned that I would need to have surgery. My husband and I have never had to deal with anything like this before.

Then I learned about Wings for Falmouth Families. It took me a minute to realize that this (WFFF) was a real thing, that we might be able to get help through the worst of this and that we wouldn’t have to sell our cars or move out of our home. I was amazed to learn about the kindness and generosity of the people who created this charitable organization for families going through a medical crisis. They (WFFF) were all very kind to myself and my family, patient and understanding. Thanks to Wings for Falmouth Families we were able to keep the utilities on and the mortgage paid. I am very happy to say that I am recovering well and was able to start a new job. I really do believe that the help we were given aided in that recovery. Not having the stress of wondering what we were going to do to get by allowed me to focus on what really mattered, the love and support of my family and to care for myself and ultimately get well. Thank you so much for what you provide our community, this was an amazing gift.”

“Last November my husband suddenly had a series of strokes due to extreme high blood pressure. Thankfully he didn’t have permanent damage and eventually was able to return back to work. Not long after this, his hip became so painful that he wasn’t able to work the 10 hour days we needed to make ends meet. This was when the doctor told him that the bone marrow was completely dead in the hip and he needed a hip replacement. The month before his surgery he wasn’t able to work and before that his hours had drastically decreased. Although I was able to pick up extra hours, my 60 hours a week it still didn’t make up for the loss of income. We were 3 months behind in rent with an eviction notice, a shut off date for our electricity and medical bills in collections. This was when my husband asked his boss for a loan. He told him to call Wings for Falmouth families. We had 14 days to pay the rent in full. Wings swooped right in and helped us gather everything we needed to submit in time. They even called our landlord to let him know we were in the processes of applying for assistance. For the first time in months, I felt like I could take a deep breath. They [Aid Committee] were so kind and their compassion was overwhelmingly reassuring. Our application was approved and Wings took care of our rent, electric bill and past due medical bills. Our gratitude is immeasurable. There are no words to express the feeling of having a fresh start. Thank you for your dedication, understanding and compassion. We are now taking deep breaths all day!”

– Aid Family, E. Falmouth, MA


local families with minor children an immediate safety net of financial assistance during a time of medical crisis.

parents to focus on their number one priority – the person who has just become ill, and not worry about how to pay the monthly bills.

a family during a devastating time by showing them their community cares.

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“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.”

Only through donor support are we able to help local families who are experiencing a medical crisis.